Congratulations – Stephanie Neary!!

Congratulations to our September 2020 WISE Member of the Month: STEPHANIE NEARY!

Stephanie was awarded the September 2020 WISE MotM award for her accomplishments within, and how she has influenced health and safety throughout, her workplace: “one of the most rugged environments: heavy manufacturing and shipbuilding.”

Stephanie was the lead health and safety analyst for new aircraft carrier construction for over five years. She was also part of a cross-functional team who developed and formalized training for critical job operations that are only performed once every six years. In this time Stephanie worked tirelessly to build relationships with all employee levels from mechanics to directors and superintendents to accomplish their goals and keep their employees safe.

Hired with no manufacturing or health and safety experience, Stephanie has learnt on the job, completed her studies in the classroom (Master’s degree in OHS), and was part of the team that was honored with a President’s Model of Excellence award for their extraordinary contributions to the company’s mission to build good ships for the US Navy. Stephanie is now one of the senior health and safety analysts in her department.

Stephanie, for being a self-starter who has worked her way from the ground up, for establishing trust and make changes in the lives of others (including bringing a third life into your family), for protecting those around you, and for paving the way for those to come behind you, you are our September 2020 WISE MotM.

Congratulations, Stephanie!

To all WISE members: We all have a chance to tap into our truest and most authentic selves and make a difference. Then, we all have an opportunity to recognize that in others, and share it with us all … it’s called a WISE MotM nomination, and you can find it at:

On behalf of the WISE Awards & Honors Committee, I want to express our appreciation to you for your support.  Stephanie is able to be actively involved with the community and the society because of your support.  Stephanie’s contributions are important to ASSP and to WISE.  Thank you for your support of Stephanie and ASSP.