Job purpose

The Corporate Safety Director (CSD) is responsible for the leadership, training, and continual enhancement of safety at Asturian.  The strong culture of safety is a component to the overall success of Asturian and the Director must continuously strive to promote, preserve, and protect the overarching goal of providing a safe work environment for our employees, subcontractors, clients, and general public.  The CSD, as a member of the Asturian Executive Team, is provided full support from a top-down safety belief system and designated autonomy to control all aspects of corporate safety.

Duties and responsibilities

Employee Hiring:

  • Review credentials, background, and potential employee candidate’s commitment to safety.
  • Participate in the hiring process of operations personnel to ensure new hires possess, or have the ability, to conduct safety in accordance with the established corporate program(s).
  • Conduct employee onboarding training and establish the baseline for continuing safety education and development.
  • Compile documents, certifications, and credentials for all new hires related to safety.

Employee Education, Development, and Assessment:

  • Maintain employee certifications and ensure credentials are current.
  • Coordinate with Marketing to ensure employee resumes are current specific to safety credentials and certification.
  • Provide continuing education programs specific to safety.
  • Present safety educational sessions for each Monday corporate staff meeting.
  • Conduct monthly safety educational sessions for Operations.
  • Conduct employee counseling sessions related to safety.
  • Provide input and assessment on Operations employees for annual evaluations.
  • Manage the corporate safety budget related to employees.

Corporate Programs and Controls:

  • Maintain, enhance, and continuously manage the corporate safety policies and procedures.
  • Maintain, enhance, and continuously manage the project specific safety policies and procedures.
  • Manage the PPE program, ensure adequate supplies are maintained, maintenance/inspection of equipment updated, and overall inventory controlled.
  • Coordinate with Marketing to ensure all PPE is branded according to standards.
  • Maintain and Manage the corporate safety metrics, training, and culture related to safety.
  • Provide monthly, quarterly, and annual safety reports.
  • Manage regional Safety Managers and ensure corporate safety programs are implemented and controlled.
  • Establish and oversee compliance to regulatory policies and corporate policies and procedures.
  • Establish and implement strategies for Loss management, Workers Comp, and Insurance.
  • Establish an annual approved strategic plan and operating budget aligned with the Senior Management Team goals
  • Responsible for the overall direction of the operations safety groups to improve safety performance throughout the organization.
  • Drive and implement compliance and training processes throughout the organization to improve the risk performance of the organization.
  • Facilitate regular meetings with President, Senior Leadership, & Finance to evaluate department and project budgets along with loss management and leadership responsibility.
  • Update dashboard and facilitate regular reviews with the operations and senior leadership.
  • Communicate clearly and directly with employees concerning performance expectations, and accountability ensuring that communication is ongoing, clear, concise, and complete.
  • Create a sense of urgency and accountability across all functions of the EH&S team and develop the organization to a higher level of effectiveness.
  • Oversee leadership development and development of technical career paths, apprenticeship programs etc.

Preconstruction and Project Services:

  • Collaborate and support Preconstruction with evaluations, assessments, and guidance related to project approach and safety on potential projects.
  • Support proposal submissions through guidance, input, and narratives related to corporate and project specific safety.
  • Support Project Services requirements by providing guidance, input, and direction related to project schedules, logistic plans, environmental reviews, and project close-out.
  • Attend and participate in client interviews and proposal presentations.

Marketing and Business Development:

  • Support the Marketing Department by ensuring the message and materials convey the corporate safety goals and mission.
  • Support the Marketing Department by ensuring the branding standards are maintained and adhered to.
  • Promote the safety program and culture of Asturian by participating in/with industry events, organizations, job fairs, community events, and related programs.
  • Administer the PMS for accuracy to include the Commitment, Change Event and Budget Tabs.


State the minimum qualifications required to successfully perform the job. These are the qualifications that are necessary for someone to be considered for the position.

All qualifications must comply with provincial human rights legislation.

Qualifications include:

  • 10+ years’ experience in a dedicated safety position.
  • Bachelor’s Degree in related discipline with specialized leadership training and/or demonstrated capability to perform job responsibilities through previous experience and education
  • 10+ years’ experience in Management positions with increasing responsibilities
  • Certified Safety Professional (CSP) or eligibility to sit for CSP Examination Must have extensive knowledge of OSHA, USACE, and State regulations
  • Familiarity with state and federal hazardous waste and stormwater regulations
  • Current knowledge of regulatory government requirements rules and regulations
  • Must have strong analytical and data – driven skill set
  • Experience with “hands – on” projects
  • Must possess strong leadership, communication and organizational skills.
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint

Working conditions

The working conditions will a combination of office and field.  The CSD will be required to perform site visits, attend meetings, and perform duties outside of the office.  Project inspections will require the individual to be outdoors for an extended period.  Due to the geographical expanse of Asturian, weather conditions include extreme cold and heat.  Site conditions may involve mud, rugged terrain, use of ladders, and construction site obstacles.


The position is in the Asturian corporate office, Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Physical requirements

The physical requirements associated with the position are limited.  Physical requirements will include the use of ladders, lifting, moving of safety related materials, demonstrations related to safety, etc.  Repetitive tasks are associated with typing, filing, data entry, note taking, and general clerical duties.

Direct reports


Advertising Description for Position

Asturian, a General Contractor headquartered in Virginia Beach, Virginia is conducting a national search for the position of Corporate Safety Director (CSD).  Asturian’s portfolio of work includes Government, Higher Education, Transportation, Healthcare, Mixed-Use, Hospitality, Historic Preservation, Industrial and Infrastructure; with current work in 16 States and expanding.  Project profiles include new construction, renovation, site work, marine, remote locations, multi-story, site work, restricted access and high security conditions, clean rooms, infection control, and more.  The CSD is responsible for the direction of the corporate safety program, safety culture, continuous education, training, and leadership.  Candidate must   possess a bachelor’s degree in related discipline with specialized leadership training and/or demonstrated capability to perform job responsibilities through previous experience and education.  All applications will be held in strict confidence.  Please submit inquires and resumes to  Asturian is an Equal Opportunity Employer.