ASSP Colonial Virginia Chapter/Society of Fire Protection Engineers January 2023 Joint Meeting

  • January 30, 2023
    4:00 pm - 6:00 pm

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ASSP Colonial Virginia/Society of Fire Protection Engineers January 2023 joint meeting

Join us Monday, January 30, 2023, as Jack Sullivan discusses how safety and fire protection professionals help to protect people and property

Location and Time: 4 PM – 6 PMMekong Restaurant 6004 W. Broad Street Richmond, VA.

Cost: $25.00 (includes entrée, appetizer, and soft drink)

Jack Sullivan, CSP, CFPS, worked in insurance loss control for over 40 years in the Mid-Atlantic region. He helped businesses with fire protection and property conservation, worker safety, general liability, and fleet management issues. He was also an active volunteer firefighter, chief officer, and FD Safety Officer, and he still provides firefighter safety and survival training nationwide. He’s also the 2021 ASSP Region VI Safety Professional of the Year (SPY) and a long-time member of the Colonial Virginia chapter.

“You Make a Difference!”

Many of us go through the motions of our job day in and day out without really thinking about how our work affects other people’s lives. Some of us install, inspect, and test facilities’ safety and fire protection equipment. Others teach workers safe job practices. Some inspect and survey jobsites, write reports, and generate recommendations to improve working conditions. Some of you may sell safety equipment, but how many of you see the results of your efforts? This presentation will help you understand that your work makes a difference, even if it doesn’t always feel that way.

Examples include:

  • The Fire Sprinkler System that Shut Down a Construction Job but Saved a Business
  • The Sprinkler System that Got a Huge Refund from the Water Utility
  • Somebody’s Going to Get Hurt! – But a Worker Died Instead
  • The Museum that Almost Shut Down because of a Tree Branch
  • The Vehicle Crash that Changed My Life but Saved Many Other Lives
  • What’s Your Story?