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Here you can find our chapter website along with others from around the United States and the World. For reference, our chapter is within Region VI of domestic chapters.

ASSP Foundation

The ASSP Foundation is the charitable arm of the American Society of Safety Professional, focusing on educational programs that advance the profession we serve, developing tomorrow’s safety leaders, and supporting research to expand the knowledge of the safety community.  Learn more about the foundation and how to get involved here.

Professional Development

Professional development matters, as being the best professional you can be is an ongoing process throughout your career.  Industry changes, new products/services/and ways to do things are created, your career progresses.  Developing as a professional can be both challenging but rewarding.  Here are some great certifications and other learning opportunities.


ASSP is certain to have the resources needed for any OSH professional. From a full collection of standards, available in both hard copy and electronic copy, to technical publications covering every facet of safety, ASSP is your top OSH resource.

Practice Specialties

Excel and Enrich your Career with ASSP Practice Specialties, Branches and Common Interest Groups.  Review technical content that advances the practice of safety across the broad spectrum of the profession, from program management to culture change, risk assessment to fatality prevention.

Safety and Health Links

 *Our Chapter of the American Society of Safety Professionals makes no warranty implied or expressed to the accuracy, completeness, or relevance of any information provided in the sites shown below. These links are provided for informational purposes only.

Additional Resources
The site of the American Building Contractors has information on construction and construction safety.
Fire Preparedness Guide – Fire is one of the most common disasters. Fire causes more deaths than any other type of disaster. But fire doesn’t have to be deadly if you have early warning from a smoke detector and everyone in your family knows how to escape calmly.
The Grain Elevator And Processing Society has information on grain elevator safety and dust explosions.
This site has child safety information and resources including a “media center” and special kits for schools.
Specializing in ergonomics, this site offers software, training, and consulting services. Users who have tried the service are satisfied with their offerings.
The SKC company manufactures and sells industrial hygiene equipment. Their site includes lots of background information on IH that can be downloaded free.
This site digs into the statistics and looks at the hazards that could threaten your home and how to protect yourself from them!